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Pipe-bending machine development trend

Tube bending machines can be broadly classified into CNC tube bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, and so on. Mainly used in power construction, railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and built, with great features, reasonable structure, simple operation and so on. Outside of elbow function, this machine, cylinder can also be used as hydraulic jacks, relative to the NC tube bending equipment is cheap, easy to use features, Bender held a dominant position in the market in the country. Mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, bending machines, hydraulic pipe bending machines, metal sawing machines, shrink tube, tube processing equipment, such as in machining precision, reliability, specification, energy conservation, amenity, etc all have significant progress, new product development and market competitiveness is greatly improved

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