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Pipe cutting machine plays what role in life

Used in the manufacturing of laser systems laser manufacturing system, electric window determined by lasers, laser systems, laser systems, control systems, motor systems, sensors and detection systems, its laser. Laser as a source of heat or light (energy) is produced in the "tool" or "instrument". The "tool" or "instrument" directly affects the quality of processing results. Beam quality of the laser beam can be used far-field divergence angle parameters Kf, beam focusing characteristics and diffraction limit M2 (m), or beam propagation factor K value to represent. Pipe-bending machine for small power lasers the working material on average, base mode output can be achieved, its energy distribution is Gaussian beam cross section, and remains unchanged during the transfer process, good beam quality; for high power lasers, can not achieve the fundamental mode output, output for multimode laser beam, laser beam quality becomes poor. This article by Jinyuan pipe cutting machine sorting.

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