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Construction Machinery Remaining Structural Problems

Earlier, NBS data showed that 2013 GDP growth 7.7%. In 2014, China's economic growth will slow has become the consensus from all walks of life, and at the slow recovery of the global economy and international competitive context, into a quagmire of overcapacity of how the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry from developed countries of technical monopoly in the break, and in competition with emerging economies to establish a comparative advantage has become an important development issue. On this year's two sessions, but the debate has also been fully reflected. "Strong engineering machinery industry is a cyclical industry, and its development is closely related to the macro-economic situation, growth continued to slow down in the future is the probability of the event, therefore it is necessary to have a long and painful transition" when it comes to future development trend of construction machinery industry and securities wealth management Department General Manager Wu Xuan told reporters.

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