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Pipe-bending Machine Works

Pipe-bending machine is a new type of bending function and features the top of pipe bending tools. The pipe can be bent to your desired location. Pipe-bending machine with a reasonable structure, the use of safe, convenient operation, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading, a multi-purpose machines and many other advantages, hydraulic pipe Bender, Yang in the country accounted for a significant share. A, and bent tube machine work principle and the General of structure: bent tube machine General by electric pump (10), high pressure tubing (12), fast joint (13), work oil cylinder (8), column plug (7), bent tube parts [including Shang spent Board (3), Xia spent Board (14), die head (4), roll (2)] composition. Output by the electric pump high pressure oil through pipes into the fuel tank, high pressure oil working piston within the cylinder, producing thrust through the pipe parts bent pipe.

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