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Safety Operation Of Chamfering Machine

1. While runs the machine, workers must wear the working clothes, safety shoes and goggles, what is more, we must pay attention to one thing: the gloves are not allowed in operation.

2. The operator should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the machine as well as the transmission system.

3. Metal objects are not allowed on the workbench, when placing the work pieces, operators should gently remove it to avoid touching the surface.

4. The operator fixed the workpiece on the surface of the suction table and then began to have a further operation. Users control the foot button switch for the length of the workpiece.

5. Before driving, workers must check whether the chamfering cover is in good condition or not; The direction of the tool movement should be consistent with the moving table.

6. After machining, the workpiece shall be placed according to the regulations, and the workpiece shall not be piled directly.

7. When the milling cutter is dull, we should stop the machine and change the blade. Stop the engine first, then stop the spindle.

8. When working, it is forbidden to use the hand to contact the blade, and must use the air gun (or brush) to clear the surface of the table. Operator should stop the machine when cleaning the cutter.

9. It is especially forbidden to contact the rotating spindle, workpiece, or other moving parts in any way at work.

10. The operator shall not leave the post in the operation of machine tools;  if workers find abnormal phenomenon, the machine tool must stop immediately.

11. After turn off the power supply and total power on the machine operation panel in turn.

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