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The Introduction Of Bending Machine

At present the development of science and technology are quick, in industrial machinery bender type also have a variety of bending machine into the remedial alternative industrial processing equipment, and bending performance of the tube with the needs of industry will continue to improve. Pipe bender electric and manual form, CNC bending machine, hydraulic bending machine, on the market mainly by CNC bending machine led, but different bending machine can meet the market demand and different manufacturing process. Designed in this paper is about the automatic bending machine fittings device design and design of its control circuit is simple and has the advantages of reasonable structure, the operation is convenient, affordable, easy to installation and disassemble, but also can used for other operations, and many other advantages, is widely in the domestic application of electric pipe bending machine, Yang. Automatic pipe bending machine is generally composed of the motor, the whole frame, the gear, reducer, electrical control equipment, and so on. The main realization of the steel tube bending, shaping and other functions.


Bending is the uniform straining of material, usually flat sheet or strip metal, around a straight axis which lies in the neutral plane and normal to the lengthwise direction of the sheet or strip.

Metal flow takes place within the plastic range of the metal, so that the bend retains a permanent set after removal of the applied stress.

The inner surface of a bend is in compression; the outer surface is in tension.

A pure bending action does not reproduce the exact shape of the punch and die in the metal; such a reproduction is one of forming.

The neutral axis is the plane area in bent metal where all strains are zero.


Minimum bend radii vary for different metals; generally, different annealed metals can be bent to a radius equal to the thickness of the metal without cracking or weakening.

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