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Tube Bending Machine To Create A Revolution In The Agricultural Era Turning Point

Bent tube machine can for for all industry, agricultural Shang can for big shed skeleton folding bent, production small garage, shed, Sun room, and so on, industrial Shang also can for Chair manufacturing, small round tube folding bent, uses wide, function also is full, following I to everyone said of bent tube machine is agricultural of big shed bent tube machine, agricultural of big shed bent tube machine type is divided into which species does? 1, electric hydraulic pipe bending machine, under automatic greenhouse pipe bending machine 2. Multifunctional roller bending machine 3. Pipe-bending machine with digital display, manual tube bending machine. Bender belonged to NC in greenhouse greenhouse pipe Bender, 9 rounds of CNC, dual servo motor, PLC computer control system, memory storage. Single-stroke bending continuous bending angles of 10 per cent accurate, curved circular pipe, square tube, oval tube, dual-mode shares, a few words of steel.

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