Tube Sealing Machine

1.This machine can uses the own material of pipe to make their ports closed.
2.It is suitable for a variety of tube sealing types.
3.It designs in two-units with rotational actions.

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Product details

Product description of Tube Sealing Machine

This machine can uses the own material of pipe to make their ports closed instead of using plastic sleeve or weld the pipe, leaving a small hole on the basis of customers’ requirements that breaking the tradition. It designs in two-units with rotational actions that can shorten the processing cycle and improve the production efficiency. When runs the machine, it has no noise with fast and convenient operation.

Product specification of Tube Sealing Machine


Product features and applications of Tube Sealing Machine

1. It is suitable for a variety of tube sealing types such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron and so on.

2. It features on the mechanical three-piece clamping and precise position of spiral induction, which is applicable to pipe end sealing operation.

3. It is widely used in lots of industries, such as steel furniture, bathroom, leisure goods, stroller, sports equipment and so on, even the ordinary workers can operate the machine.

Product samples of Tube Sealing Machine

QQ图片20170825101728.jpg QQ图片20170913093943.jpg


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